Investigating the dichotomy of liberty and anxiety I started considering transitional periods and inter stages. I detect it possible to freeze in fear of possible freedom and contrary notice the advantage of agitation.


Installation - plexiglass, brass bars, dimension variable, 2019


Photography - pigment print, ca. 30 x 42 cm, 2018


Animation Vide - 2:22 min. loop, 2016/2018

The video shows three white circles on a black background. On the inside of the circles, black and white drawings are displayed. The drawings continue to change, showing shapes in close up views and successively on yellow background with various animated tiny black and white objects. By using the moire effect, the single objects are not just moving, but flickering.


Installation of three sculptures, 2013

Hanging sculpture 90 x 107 x 320 cm, polycarbonate comb material, synthetic material, wood, varnish
Laying sculpture compact: 80 x 80 x 285 cm wood, varnish, polish
Laying sculpture framework boat: 52 x 56 x 243 cm wood, varnish

The three sculptures of almost identical form are arranged in a triangular shape.
The hanging sculpture is made of black polycarbonate comb material laminated with white liner. The round skin-like corpus is shaped by angular panels joined by black cable ties. The black half of a wooden base frame of a boat is attached to the centre panel of the corpus. The sculpture is hanging on a grey rope which is tied directly to the keel and leads up to the ceiling where it runs over a reel and is then clamped to the wall.
The two laying sculptures are made out of black primed and vanished wood, whereas the round skin like corpus is polished.
The whole assemble describes a calm anchor. One laying sculpture is a skeleton-like boat fragment, whereas the other one can be associated with a coffin. The hanging sculpture seems to defy gravity despite its dimensions transforming into a chrysalis.


Installation - metal, MDF, cardoard, varnish 55 x 400 x 400 cm 2013


Photography - c-print, ca. 25 cm x 40 cm series, 2012

9 PC LEIDSC - State 2019

Permanent Installation at Sportforum Leipzig - fabric, mdf board, foamed material, leather, tape, 2014 - 20XX


Installation - textile adhesive tape, wood, foam, textile, installation view, 2014


Installation - Wood, Paint, Swarko Reflecting Beeds, Nylon Strings, ca. 200 cm x 5oo cm, 2019

Reich der Freiheit II

Installation - Permalight, Wood, Aluminum, dimension variable, 2012

Upon entering the exhibition room, only fluorescent bars are visible which seem to retrace the floor plan of the room. This "lines" are attached to base materials below the ceiling and along the floor.
The stripes below the ceiling represent the actual room's floor plan, whereas the stripes on the floor are irregular.
The spatial awareness of the visitors is being vexed.
After five minutes a timer activates floodlights that show the actual room for two minutes.